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Sweet sensations at Corredera 55…

Vejer’s soon to be opened new eatery ‘Corredera 55’ will of course be adding to the ever greater fabulous range of delicious desserts made by our pastry chef Amina Essaadi. Yesterday saw us indulging ourselves in a tasting session at the Califa. Amongst the delights that we tried out were Pistachio Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Mousse, […]

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Why I love Vejer de la Frontera…

Vejer is an almost invisible town unless you happen to be flying over it. When I first visited the town in 1987 it was by mistake. No sign pointed invitingly up the hill, no edifications were visible, no roadside placards gave me any indication that there was a whole new world splashed lazily across this […]

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