La India sonrie en Vejer

This week the charity Akshy India celebrated a fund raising event at Vejer’s La Casa de Cultura and our own ‘Balcones del Califa’. The evening was attended by over 80 guests who helped raise over 2,000€ for this important cause – helping children of the ‘untouchable’ class of north east India. “Akshy India is an Association having as its main object the improvement of the standard of living of the poorest children in all India through education, hygiene, adequate nourishment and health care.
These children, once they can read and write and with certain formation, will themselves be able to raise the standards of living of those around them. We place very special emphasis on the education of girls since they, as future mothers, will be in charge of passing on to their sons and daughters the importance of schooling and education….”

Esta semana la ONG Akshy India celebró en la Casa de Cultura de Vejer y de ‘Los Balcones del Califa’ un evento prara recaudar fondos para los niños desafoverecidos del nor-este de la India. La ONG “…tiene como objetivo mejorar las condiciones de vida de los niños más desfavorecidos de la India, a través de la educación, higiene, de una alimentación adecuada y atención sanitaria”. Los colaboradores llegaron a recaudar más de 2,000€ para esta excelente iniciativa.  PDF – La India sonrie en Vejer

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Author:James Stuart

Director y co-fundador del Grupo Califa. Viviendo en Vejer de la Frontera desde 1987 y trabajando con su primera empresa Discover Andalucia desde 1995. Casado con dos hijas es deportista y amante de la cultura en todas sus formas. Director and co-founder of the Califa Group. James has been living in Vejer since 1987. James's first company Discover Andalucia (1995) a destination management business for Activity Holiday operators has diversified into the Califa Group. Married with two children James is a keen sportsman and a lover of art and culture in all its forms.


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